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The Lax Hostel Interviews Mike Powell About Life

Posted on October 11, 2011 by

Categories: Social Media recently caught up with Mike Powell following the LXM Pro game in Radnor, PA, this past weekend. Iconic Powell gives advice about spreading the game he loves. The emotional interview gives you a glimpse of how he lives his life and how he hopes to enhance the Creator’s Game.

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  • Rob Rubero

    Hell yes. Well said Mikey, keep it going man, there’s still so many to inspire.

  • Just look at this guy 🙂 Dedication, blood sweet and tears, and he is where is now. On the top

  • Kirk B.

    I’d be curious to know specifically what bothers him about the game’s growth. I too have had concerns, but I’d take that man’s opinion on the subject over mine, obviously. Not a very good interview, especially considering Europe still has a long way to go as a whole, and spreading the game correctly is key.