The Mount St. Mary's Lacrosse Team Loves Pokemon

Every year, the Mount St. Mary’s Lacrosse team introduces its team to fans and the lacrosse community via video. And, this year’s intros did not disappoint! I love this team. They’re not tainting the lacrosse culture, they’re embracing it by spreading hilarity. Yea, that makes sense right?

This is obviously satirical stuff and they don’t expect you to take it seriously. Below are a few videos I combed through.

Meet Matt Ward, who is my inspiration for this post.

It’s somewhat different from his previous introduction from a year ago.

Reinforcing stereotypes? Rice? Anime? This is my favorite from last year’s team.

More plates, more dates!

Where is Ari Gold?!?!?!?!?! Sign him now.

Couldn’t you watch these guys all day? Should I keep posting videos? OK.

Remember Bert Park (scroll up)? This guy could teach the lacrosse community a lot.

One last one for good measure…

Go to the Mount St. Mary’s Lacrosse roster and laugh your butt off. Offended? Please leave a comment below!