The verdict is in! It wasn’t easy for the judges, but the votes have been tallied and the winners have been decided. For our first category, with a Red and Black taped up “creation”, Conor McGannon takes the prize for Ugliest dye job submitted. Bang up work, son. Enjoy your shiny new head.

The winner of the contest was very difficult to decide, and the judges had a hard time choosing between the Rainbow Checker and the Green inside/out Checker dyes. However, we’ve decided that the winner of this year’s Back to School contest is David Youngentob. Congrats Dave!

Dave will get to choose which of the two STX Revolvers that he wants, and Conor McGannon will get the other one. Dave, email [email protected]

Again, thanks to everyone for participating. If you want to get a jump on the next LPG/McCool contest, start thinking up a sick custom pocket. The date of the contest isn’t set in stone, but at least you have a head start. In the meantime check out my own original creation, the Highwire Pocket.