We recently came across this gem of a video on the web. It seems like the run-of-the-mill beach party from the mid-90s with Budweiser, SUVs and women until the 17 second mark when two dudes decide to have a lax sesh amidst the party. This leads the LPG staff to believe we have uncovered the original Lax Bros or atleast the orginators of beach lax. Tank tops, flat brims, bounce passes(45 sec mark), side-arm cranks and the typical laid back attitude. According to the description this video was recorded at Surfside Beach (Texas) after the Brazoria County Tournament, won by Metro, that ended the 1994 season. This video is a classic, enjoy!

  • Clax23


  • Rob

    This was….a waste of about a minute. Thank god the mystery of beach lax was solved!!!! Weak.

  • Nigel

    What does the girl say at 0:35??

  • Rob

    I believe she says something along the lines of “got my tits wet”…