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Traditional Stringing Project for Joe Walters

Posted on April 6, 2011 by

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Pro player, Joe Walters, recently asked if I could string three heads for him this season. He asked for five diamond traditional, pita pocket and a Maryland themed pocket. These first two of three heads for Joe Walters are almost done. The next phase is adding some shooters, trimming all the excess and then making sure they throw right. I’m always interested to see which head the player likes best, and how they like it to throw. If I’ve thrown with all three pockets, and the player can tell me what he likes best about each one, it helps me the next time I’m stringing those pockets for anyone else. As soon as I finish up with a pita pocket to complete the set, I’ll post them all on here, and explain what I did to each to finish them up.

Posted in: Equipment/Gear

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  • Coach B

    Very nice stuff! I’d love to have someone string me up with a traditional pocket like I played with in college back in the late 80s!

    • max mccool

      You can find me on facebook at McCool’s Dye Shop. Let me know if you’re interested!

  • Ed

    that is the first 5d trad i’ve seen. Some of those diamonds look huge. Any reasoning for 5?

    • max mccool

      That’s just what he asked for. Since the picture was taken, I took a little slack out of the middle and sides to try and reign it in a little bit. I just want to make sure I take stretching into account.

  • Ed

    that is the first 5d trad i’ve seen. Some of those diamonds look huge. Any reasoning for 5?

  • Jim11098

    hey what type of pocket is the maryland themed one? looks awesome, and i want to try it out

    • redLAXrocket7

      It’s called a Heat. I believe originally created by Jaywap, if you know who that is.

  • Nick

    Hi Max, I was just wondering if you have a site or something because I love the five diamond! 

  • Jmanlaxer32

     dues 5d make a better pocket then 12d traditional