You may have heard rumblings about a new movie in the works called ‘Transition’. Based on the true story of the younger brother of Anthony Bradford (writer/producer), the film follows a high school star who battles cancer to regain a spot on his varsity team. The soundtrack features Mikey Powell, who contributed a collection of his songs for the film. “This isn’t just a lacrosse film, but the film also has the purpose to raise awareness of Pediatric Cancer,” says Bradford.

Bradford goes on to state that “the lacrosse players used in this film were real high school players who generously donated their time for this film and its cause. At the end of the film, there is a PSA with statistics and different facts about Childhood Cancer.”

Transition Official Trailer from Priceless Productions on Vimeo.

Anthony Bradford will be submitting Transition to film festivals such as Sundance, Tribeca, and Cannes to name a few to ultimately be picked up by a major studio or TV network.

For more information on Transition click here.

  • lax

    it looks kinda bad, lacrosse story is cool, trailer does not make it look like a good movie at all though

  • howyadoinhowyabeen

    When I went through it the first time I was like “lame” but then I went thru it again and I was like “this is touching”…could see this on lifetime channel or sumtin

  • leeroyjenkins

    the lacrosse portion is terrible… get some people that atleast have picked up a stick before.

  • devmax12


  • Crazer187

    Even PrOn has a higher production value.

  • Laxer

    the lax looks fine. I think it’s great that they’re making movies about lax. Looks very inspirational and the blond chick is pretty hot.

  • Out Front

    Guys – the fact that this is a true story about the writer’s brother… perhaps you should consider not being such jerks about the quality of the film or the lacrosse action. It’s clearly not a Hollywood film, we get that, so just take it for what it is, be glad that films about lacrosse are being made, and quit being such meat-headed jerks and chill out. Have some decency and respect for someone trying to bring their brother’s battle with cancer to life to show us that even though people go through some tough times, we can overcome.

  • Tmachir

    I want to see a great movie made about lacrosse SO badly. Something along the lines of Varisty Blues meets Coach Carter. But this trailer looks piss poor. I imagine the story is great but the acting looks mediocre at best and the production quality is that of a poorly made british soap opera.

  • love laxing

    I think the film looks very good. I heard it was done on a super low to no budget, which makes it even better. It sounds like alot of the people commenting below are very young and know nothing about film or what the film is about. It’s not a film about Lacrosse. It’s a true story about a H.S. Lacrosse player who beats cancer and works to get his starting spot back on the team. Lacross is simply the backstory in case you wern’t aware, lol.