Tribe7 is showing us their new equipment in the Ghost series. It is labeled the Ghost series because the gloves and head enable you to move effortlessly and smoothly on the lacrosse field. The head in particular is the lightest in the game.

The Ghost7 Gloves are flexible and durable. Tribe7 was trying to go for a “naked” approach with the mesh palms. A feeling like nothing’s there as if you cut out the hands of old leather gloves. For now the glove is only available in White with a Black mesh palm. You can purchase the glove here.

The Ghost7 head is the lightest head available on the market. Pockets on the head don’t have a lot of whip. Whip was taken out of the equation because whip means calculation which means thinking and you shouldn’t have to think when shooting the rock. The head shown is Neon Green. There is an ample amount of colors available online.

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