The Tufts team will be wearing a White Cascade Pro7 with a Red visor and a Blue chin piece this weekend in the Division III Finals. The team mascot is present on one side profile of the helmet with an American flag decal on other side and “Jumbos” across the back panel.

Tufts will be wearing new Baby Blue jerseys this weekend, most likely from Nike since they are the ones who provided the other jerseys.

What’s a Jumbo?!?!

Jumbo, Tufts University’s official mascot, was a male African elephant owned by P.T. Barnum, a Tufts trustee and benefactor. Jumbo was the largest elephant known at the time, standing approximately 12 feet tall at the shoulder and weighing more than six tons.

Though Jumbo never visited the Tufts campus during his lifetime, Barnum donated Jumbo’s stuffed hide to Tufts College in 1889, when the pachyderm became the Tufts mascot.

Make sure to check out the helmets live in action Sunday at 12.

  • Laxfan

    Red visor with navy blue chin?!! those arent even Tufts’ colors. Its obviously a patriotic thing but id say the huge American flag displays that well enough. These are gonna look rough with their brown and carolina jerseys.

  • 412 Lax

    Please be wearing the brown and baby blue uniforms too. What a disaster.

  • Rob

    The helmets are sick, I’d wear one happily. But…jeez, did the entire coaching staff / whoever pulls the trigger on gear purchasing forget the schools colors???

  • Jaron

    Don’t get me wrong, I love America, but if I played for Tufts, I’d be pissed.

  • Tyler

    I’m sure the players had a lot of say in what these helmets looked like.

  • cam

    I guess I kind of get the Memorial Day theme, but they should be repping the school colors. Is this their own lacrosse take on MLB stars and stripes hats?

  • Lacrosse Playground

    Just found out the Tufts trainer won a silver star in Vietnam and they are proud to support the men overseas. The team also worked out with Marine officers in the preseason.

  • church van

    they could’ve just kept the school colors a put on the american flag decal

  • Connor Wilson

    Tufts has also had a couple of ex-players join the military. They even had a stud player quit the team a few years back to focus on ROTC, I believe.
    This is a program committed to our men and women serving overseas and when you tack on the fact that they’re playing on Memorial Day weekend, the helmet is 100% appropriate.

    To put repping your country ABOVE looking perfect speaks to the quality of the individuals on that team. The comments bashing it on this comment thread speak to the weakness of the anonymous commenters and their belief that looking good is more important than an act of patriotism. Weak sauce, weak bros.

    This is all coming from someone who played at Wesleyan and pretty much hated Tufts with a passion so you know it’s legit.

  • Lacrosse Playground

    Connor, very well said. However, I agree with both sides. Have a safe weekend everyone!

    Side Note: LPG will be launching a new plugin soon so everyone will be on spot when they leave a comment.

  • weak sauce

    They should’ve used their nerdy good for nothing brains to get an american flag wraparound decal like unc did with their argyle. people who got As become teachers, and the people who got Bs work for people who got Cs

  • cam

    Do you know if they will get 2010 gloves? Don’t get me wrong, the OG K18s look great, but they’re hardly an advertisement for their sponsors and it wouldnt surprise me if they got new ones for memorial day TV and crowds.

  • Jack

    you can’t really get new gloves for one game… not only does it take forever to order them, have them shipped through customs (from china probably), but it takes weeks/months to properly break in a new pair of mitts.

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