Dallas, TX – LaxxTVis proud to announce live professional webcast and replay coverage of the upcoming 2012 season including games from the NCAA & MCLA stretching from the Southeast to the Northwest.

“We are committed to giving fans more live video access to the game of lacrosse throughout the United State which is why we selected games in all areas of the country” says co-founder Will Oakley. Oakley continued, “We feel we have to puttogether a great first season with our ultimate goal of expanding to broadcast men’s and women’s lacrosse at all collegiate levels and the high school level each year. The games are produced with multiple-camera setups, announcers, and graphics for a much enhanced online viewing experience.”

LaxxTV has put together a tentative 25 game slate for the upcoming 2012 season.

*Indicates Guaranteed Game

These games along with the ability for teams to utilize the LaxxTV platform to stream their own games for free to their family, friends, and alumni make it easier to follow everything that is going in the lacrosse world or with your favorite teams.

“We are here to provide the lacrosse fan with the opportunity to watch live and archived lacrosse 24/7/365” stated co-founder Will Moss. Moss went on “Getting this opportunity to help spread the game of lacrosse to every fan across the country really inspired me to get us to where we are today. This is going to be an excellent step in growing the game of lacrosse.”

Sign-up for your all access pass today at http://laxx.tv/signup/

About LaxxTV
LaxxTV is changing the way you follow lacrosse by providing online streaming of games, access to all news and information through its news aggregation and an intuitive way to talk about pressing issues in lacrosse.

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