Tyler Hill, of Crooked Arrows, Joins the Gonzo Mesh Team

As of recently, Tyler Hill, or Silverfoot from Crooked Arrows, has joined the Gonzo Mesh team! The Onondaga lacrosse player has teamed up with Gonzo, making appearances at Camp Gonzo and tournaments in the Lehigh Valley. The Gonzo Mesh team is in utmost agreement that Hill makes a great addition to the brand. Hill has only positive things to say about Gonzo Mesh, which you can see for yourself over at our Vine, username Gonzo Lacrosse.

Hill stated, “Joining the Gonzo Mesh team is great. Their preformed pocket will change the game.” Hill, along with the pros Mark Matthews and Kevin Crowley, believes that regular mesh is now obsolete and they will never go back after using Gonzo Mesh. Hill is spotted frequently playing with Gonzo Mesh and he prefers Gonzo to any other kind of mesh.

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