If you watched the Quarterfinal match up between Maryland and Notre Dame on Saturday then you, too, are probably disappointed with ESPNU’s production of the game. Repeatedly, throughout the game, ESPNU either went to a Black screen or a stationary viewing of the stats. When we, the fans, were actually able to view the game it was from a terrible angle with bad picture which made the game look like it was pulled from the ESPN Classics archives. One thing that the poor work of ESPNU helped add was suspense. Not being able to see what was going on made the pace of an otherwise dull game more exhilarating. Below are pictures from the game that Notre Dame ended up winning to advance on to play Cornell.

Images taken from my Blackberry on my flat screen.

Live game footage [courtesy John Cinosky].

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    Person next to me screamed at the bartender to “turn this 70s sh*t off”

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    Hahaha, that’s great!