The highlight of Texas’ young season will be its contest against Arizona State University. They’ll meet in the second annual Allstate Sugar Bowl Collegiate Lacrosse Classic on Saturday, Feb. 25, at Pan Am Stadium. Their signature Burnt Orange and White will be present as well.

The program is in an upswing following a $4 million renovation to its Clark Field, which serves primarily for the lacrosse team. Their gear, simply, is classic Texas. They are suited for the 2012 season with Burnt Orange and White STX Assault Gloves, STX Assault Arm Pads, Cascade Pro 7 Helmets, and Nike Shooting Shirts, Sweats, and Uniforms (Black alternates). The Longhorn symbol is emblazoned proudly on every single item. Beautiful. Hook ‘Em!

  1. take the hook em off the shooter and put it on the backpanel. take the number off the game shorts and move the horn logo over. lose the tramp stamp, put TX flag on sleeve

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