• cd

    thank god

  • Aaron Park

    Finally. Those Gaits were disgusting.

  • Actually…

    Heard Gait had a defect with their helmets for this spring so they had to supply Pro7s instead

  • tycho

    im really glad that they came to their senses and dumped shi**y gait

  • davethewave

    gait has always been weak. it was amazing uva even played well with those old motorcycle helmets on. look good, feel good, play good.

  • Tyler

    Wouldn’t be surprised if this was the only season Gait supplied teams used Pro 7’s. Sounds like a temporary thing to me.

  • Nabeel

    bout time lol

  • TrashTalker

    Ha wow I think is some of the best news in years for UVA lacrosse. I strongly believe that those ugly Gait helmets actually discouraged players from going to UVA. This is a big step for the program!

  • blu

    i believe virginia was forced to leave gait due to the university’s contract with nike. they may be in stx or nike gear in the next year or two, same with Duke