Valentines Day: The Worst Holiday Ever For Lax Bros

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Every Babe knows that lax bros hate Valentines Day…no secret. Valentine’s is about 11 days away and I’m pretty sure a lot of dudes are scrambling around for gift purchases, ideas and planning. Baffled on what to do? To give? Here are a few tips for the lax bro to wow your girl:


Common sense! It doesn’t matter if you’ve been dating for 5 years or if it is your first date, EVERY BABE DESERVES A ROSE ON VALENTINES DAY! If you’re trying not to come on too strong, buy a single pink or white rose. If you actually care about your Babe go classic and purchase a dozen red roses. My advice is to order them NOW, the longer you wait the more $$.

Price Range : $19.95 – $75.00


By putting together a CD of songs that remind you of her you’ll at least show her you gave her and Valentines Day some thought.

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Price Range : …Really?


This one is pretty tricky because some Babes will LOVE a stuffed animal however, I would be frankly creeped the fuck out. DO NOT enter build-a-bear store, we don’t want to imagine you picking out an outfit for our cuddly friend and or looking like a pedophile.

Price Range : $15.00


Ahhh! The gift every Babe dreams of! No matter what’s in that box, your Babes heart will race when she sees that little blue box. You might be instantly thinking, nope too expensive, but Tiffanies does have jewelry that’s only $100! Cut back on purchasing drinks for all of your Bros and you’ll have that money in a snap. This gift will be her favorite and trust me she’ll repay you for your thoughtfulness.

Price Range : $100.00 – You can’t put a price on love.

Victoria’s Secret Gift Card (FOR THE BOW-CHICKA-WOW-WOW BRO)

If you’re sure she’ll love it, she will definitely get the idea that you want her to use that card to buy something that you’ll want to rip right off of her. I would NOT recommend picking something yourself because you’re likely to get a size wrong, offend her, risk creeping her out, or it may just not be her style.

Price Range : $50.00 – You get what you pay for.


The best gift of all is of course spending a little one on one time with your Babe. Take her to see her favorite sports team, purchase tickets for her favorite band, or take her out to her favorite restaurant.

Price Range : Priceless.


Yes! If you didn’t already know, you can purchase and name a star for your Babe. Visit Star Namer to purchase a star that she’ll pretend to see but most likely doesn’t exist. Name it after her or what she calls your… righttt.

Price Range : $19.95 – $89.99

Digital Photo Frame (FOR THE COMMITTED BRO)

Now this is cute and doesn’t take much time to do thanks to Facebooks creeping strategies. Use Facebooks, “View Pictures of Blah and BlahBlah” to gather all of the pictures of you and your pretty little Babe, then upload them onto an Digital Picture Frame. (Caution: If you fuck up, she may throw this at you.)

Price Range : $45.00 – $154.99

Silly Things (FOR THE SILLY BRO)

Every Babe loves a Bro with a sense of humor so send her a heart pizza from Papa John’s or a bag of M&Ms with your face on them. Make sure you’re the joking type and that your Babe has a sense of humor or else she might be creeped out.


These make GREAT gifts, Coach is well known brand so she’ll think you did your homework. If you’re not sure what color or design your Babe wants I recommend a solid black one because it goes with EVERYTHING.

Price Range: $48.00 – $128.00

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My name is Alexandria Andrews, I go to Oakland University where I’m a psychology major planning on continuing to go to Law School to become a family Lawyer. I will be your FIRST girl to post on Lacrosse Playground and I was BroBibles girl to bring home for Thanksgiving. I am a huge fan of lacrosse players, drinking, hockey, and Tom Petty.

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