Victorious Secret will be heading to War @ the Shore this weekend but before they did they asked 5forty1 to design their uniforms. The result, a Pink and White checkered pattern featuring 1940’s Pin up girls.

5forty1 is an Athletic Lifestyle brand based in Philadelphia drawing from its roots in Brooklyn, NY. The 5forty1 company bio reads:

541 isnt just a number. It’s a place in Brooklyn where a lifestyle was born and a mentality was shaped. 541 is a unique sense of style combined with a quiet confidence that speaks for itself. 541 is YOU.

These uniforms are definitely unique, hopefully we’ll be seeing more uniforms like this going into this weekend. You can visit 5forty1’s site at or contact them at [email protected]

      • anon. y. mous says:

        i’m not sure you quite understand what i’m talking about..
        see: the thin white line around the head, compared to the women who seem to be perfectly cut out

        • i think that may be an outline to make it stand out more.. would like to see them in person though. pretty sick regardless.

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