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Wall Ball Is Not A Crime Documentary

Posted on September 5, 2012 by

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It is time to provide lacrosse players with a voice and expose their underground movement. The movement they call “Extreme Wall Ball” puts creativity, passion and at times recklessness into the hands of young “laxers” (lacrosse players), which they say provides the players with a feeling of freedom and identity.

“Wall Ball is key, but then it became bigger than a training sesh‟ [session], little did we know it became bigger than all of us.”
Brock (Extreme Wallballer) 2012.

We are proud to announce the release of Wall Ball Is Not A Crime, a documentary film about the trials and tribulations of two young lax-rats trying to push the limits of wall ball. Wall Ball Is Not A Crime will enlighten the world about the hidden truths on a new movement that has emerged from practicing essential lacrosse stick skills.

The highly anticipated film includes an interview with retired lacrosse player, Mac Moni. Mac provides the audience with insight on the evolution of wall ball and the risk of taking it to the extreme. Mac‟s unique experience offers a different perspective on the dangers of these new and extreme trends.

Wall Ball Is Not A Crime provides actual, never before seen, street footage from a variety of confrontations that athletes face with local law enforcement. Total Lacrosse Productions had unfiltered access to the dangers of the sport and the harsh reality that these players face every day.

“There were times when the camera crew found themselves at risk. Between dodging the cops, constantly watching for stray or poorly thrown lacrosse balls, climbing into restricted areas, we had to step back and ask ourselves, “Is it worth it?” Deep down inside, we knew we had to forge ahead. We knew that if we didn’t tell their story, no one would. The public can either fight it or embrace. But after spending time with these players, it’s clear that extreme wall ball isn’t going anywhere!”
TL Productions, 2012.

The simple truth is that wall ball is not a crime! But at one point in the film, former lacrosse player Mac Moni, exposes the growing concern that extreme wall ball just might be a crime. Wall Ball Is Not A Crime screenings across the globe have even lead to protesting by anti-wall ball groups. Town hall meetings, grass-root campaigns, and even lobbyists have tried taking a stand against extreme wall ball. Ultimately, it’s the public’s choice.

Wall Ball Is Not A Crime, Lacrosse Documentary from Lacrosse Playground on Vimeo.

You can learn more about extreme wall ball and purchase the gear featured in the video at the Total Lacrosse website, you can learn more by visiting:

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