War 4 Shore Charity Tournament (Video)

The War for the Shore is a charity lacrosse tournament aimed at bringing relief to victims of Hurricane Sandy. In only 3 weeks time, the tournament was brought together through the combined efforts of Uncommon Fit, Power Time Sports, the NJILOA and college-age players from across the state of NJ (with one especially charitable group coming from Long Island). Spearheaded by USA U-19 team alum, Ralph D’Agostino, and PJ Martin, the founder of Uncommon Fit, the effort so far has raised nearly $10,000 dollars. Donations continue to come in from people who support both the lacrosse community and the Jersey Shore.

The War for the Shore Tournament will be held again to support victims of the Hurricane, who will still be in need, the weekend after Christmas in 2013. If you are interested in donating to the cause, please visit the Hope for Highlands website at http://www.highlandsnj.com/Hope/index.html or email this non-profit organizations at [email protected]