New Soccer Cleats Promise, “Gloryholes For Precision Fit in Sticky Situations.”

The Warrior Gambler soccer cleat is perfect for sticky situations according to its manufacturer. The Gloryholes provide added comfort for players. The advert/description is another risk Warrior has taken. But, will it fail like its racially charged #NinjaPlease (here and here) promotion? Maybe, if people pick up on it. What do you think about the (Caution: racy definition) Gloryhole?

ST: BigLead

  • H.K Anderson

    The team at Warrior should be embarrassed that their marketing team has sunk to such low levels over the past 2 years. The Warrior team is in such a unique position to not only educate the younger players who they are advertising too but also ask their viewers to rise up and be better… Warrior, shame on you.

  • Noah_Ayeee

    Way to go Warrior. Congratulations, you’ve perpetuated the douchebag stereotype once again. I’m definitely going to re-evaluate my deciding factors when it’s time to upgrade my hockey and lacrosse gloves and sticks this summer. You are not a company I want to represent.