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Warrior: Flow, Latest Technological Advances…

Posted on July 22, 2009 by

Categories: Equipment/Gear, Heads, Helmets, Pop Culture, Rib Protection, Sticks/Shafts, Warrior

Here is the latest addition to Connor Martin’s quest for finding the sickest most radical FLOW on the Left Coast. Also, our friends at BroBible provided a thorough Q & A with Warrior’s Adam Werder on the new technological advances the company has made including:

“gas-assisted injection molding to make our heads hollow in places. It allows our heads to be noticeably lighter than the competition without losing rigidity. From a player perspective, it meets a major demand: lighter without sacrificing durability and stiffness. It’s a huge advantage. In addition, we’re launching a compression-molded protective line (called Nation) that is our lightest equipment and molds to the body over time. Really cool stuff. Keep your eyes peeled for the Trojan helmet, too. It’s the most comfortable and best looking lid in lax.” Keep Reading…

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