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Warrior and Lacrosse Monkey have collaborated on a limited edition shaft with a run of less than 500 handles available. The Warrior Illuminati shaft features a custom graphic that was designed exclusively for Lacrosse Monkey and comes in one of three different colors: black/white, white/Carolina blue, and Rasta (green/yellow/red).

The attack/middie handles were a collaboration between the retailer and the equipment manufacturer. Long-standing in the sneaker and other industries, these types of limited edition and customized products are starting to become more common in lacrosse.

“I think we are seeing more and more custom/limited edition shafts in lacrosse because the market is demanding it,” said Tom Burns, Product Manager for Warrior Lacrosse.

The limited edition handles are enticing for retailers because the customized products can get customers in the door. And for the player, well, custom gear looks cool.

“For the consumers the limited edition shafts are yet another way for kids to set themselves apart on the field,” said Burns. “Lacrosse has evolved into a highly individualized team sport where kids like to customize their heads, sticks, and gloves to either tie into their team colors or their individual style on the field. This is just another example of consumers demanding products that is going to set them apart on the field and get them noticed.”

The Illuminati concept plays off the idea that the handles can only be found by those who are “in the know,” almost as if there is a secret society of lax rats that seek out these types of limited edition products who know about gear that others don’t.

You can purchase the Illuminati handles at www.lacrossemonkey.com.




  • mickey blue eyes

    What material are the shafts…titanium? aluminum? Look sweet!

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  • nomad16

    r thes shafts light or heavy??????
    plus do they have any grip on the shaft haha….
    other thab this i think the shafts are pretty cool

  • nomad16

    r these shafts light or heavy??????
    plus do they have any grip on the shaft haha….
    other than this i think the shafts are pretty cool

  • Lacrosse Playground

    There doesn’t appear to be any grip on the shaft, but nice custom edition nonetheless.