Yesterday we showed you Warrior’s latest limited edition head/handle combo: The Mojo X Stars head and the Krypto Knevil handle. Warrior has another limited edition head/handle coming out with the Mojo X Karbon head and Krypto Karbon handle.

Both hit store shelves in May and will be sold for a limited time. The Mojo X Karbon head has a graphic treatment to give the head a customized look. The handle, made from aluminum Kryptolyte alloy, has a complimentary Karbon graphic pattern and a full length grip.

The head and handle are meant to go together, although they can be sold separately. The Krypto Karbon handle is available in attack length only. Check out shots of the Mojo X Karbon head and Krypto Karbon handle below.

  • buck

    This is really unique looking, almost like a snake. Good stuff.

  • blank check

    reminds me of my first easton synergy hockey stick. revolutionizing the game. “look at how far weve come” – rob thomas

  • to buck

    watch out for trouser snakes. theyll come back to bite cha!

  • Taylor

    is it like a graphic wrap that will eventually chip off, wondering cuz i might buy the karbon head and shaft