Due to hit retail stores in May 2011 the Warrior Riot gloves provide new switch cuff technology. The cuffs are detachable which attach at velcro points. We have in-depth photos and video showcasing the new glove.

The first glove with interchangeable switch cuffs for instant customization right off the retail shelf. Each pair comes with HOME and AWAY cuffs. Mix and match stock cuffs or purchase accessory switch cuffs available in multiple color ways and designs.

Accessory Cuffs:
· One size fits all – both 12 & 13” gloves
· 1 pair of cuffs per pack (L+R gloves)
· 3 styles – Hounds tooth, Fade & WARRIOR

The Riots feature a new tighter fitting pattern for the perfect snug fit.

360 view of the Riot glove.

Single layered palms provide the best touch on your stick and makes you feel as if you aren’t wearing gloves.

Cuff detaches on both sides.

In-depth analysis of the glove.

“Riot” emblazoned on the wrist.

The glove costs $120 and is available for pre-order at Southswellsports.com.

  • alpopel

    i want this color but it’s not available in the shop.. is there another one that sells it in gray?

    • westy

      lax.com has them!!!

  • These gloves come a little tight to the hand, but have a great feel to the stick and already pretty broke in. Warrior went skimpy on the fake leather and the overall stitching of the glove. Hope my Headstrong one’s hold up like my Brine Exidus II’s did (5 years)

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