Warrior will soon be releasing two new, but very familiar-looking, heads this spring with the Evolyte and Evolyte X, Warrior has taken the molds of its best selling head (the Evolution) and will use the Warrior NOZ technology to create Warrior’s lightest head to date, with the Evolyte X coming in at 4.2 ounces and the Evolyte weight 3.9 ounces.

Warrior’s “NOZ” molding process where nitrogen is injected into the head during the molding process, creating air pockets in the head. The Evolyte head is made with the Evolution 2.0 head mold and the Evolyte X is made with the EVO X head mold.

For more information on Warrior’s NOZ technology, check out a post from last fall about the Warrior Noz. At the time, the NOZ came in as the lightest on the market at 4.3 ounces. At 3.9 ounces, the new Evolyte is more than 7 percent lighter than the original NOZ.

  1. how much we talking about? i loved my Evo 2 but was going to get a Proton power for next season…..might be tempted

  2. chacha boy says:

    dude this is the best head ever i have the evolyte sick and get the kriptolyte and whata light stick feels like nothing thats my choose

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