Warrior's Answer to Nike Lacrosse Campaign

Nike’s 2012 Fast or Last campaign was a big hit with lacrosse fans. Lacrosse legend, Ryan Powell, belted out a monologue begging players, coaches, and teams to strive to keep the pace of play high. The words of wisdom were inspiring, to say the least, and encouraged men and women to denounce the “Maryland Stall,” which became popular in 2012 during Maryland’s run to the title game.

However, dissimilar, Warrior’s #BEFIRST or be lunch campaign immediately reminded me of Powell’s soliloquy. I know this is hard for the uninformed to understand, but try to follow me.

Warrior’s video is a disruptive, fun promotion for its brand-new training shoe, The Warrior Prequel. Darwin’s survival of the fittest comes into play on the Maasai Mara. In order to survive/win, you have to outdo everyone in your path. Be fast. Be first. Or lose. If this is the prequel, then I can’t wait to see what follows suit.