• Anonymous

    these are absolutely terrible. 

    • guest

       these are dope! Good luck WSU! This guy is so not bro…..he’s more like an angry (time of the month) sis!

  • Gr8laxer

    Sick! Not sure I love the busy look but the cut looks awesome.

  • Rob

    maybe just a little too much going on here…

    • Gr8laxer

      For a new club team–is a good idea to go loud IMO to get more attention.  I agree, these are loud (too loud for me)…but people will know what Wayne State Club lax is now…younger kids will prolly eat this up.

  • Alec

    I’m on the team and I can’t wait to wear these! they did a great job on em for a new style and design. props to Scorpion for sure