• Matty B

    His shaft is a hockey stick! How is that even comfortable?

  • mackerl

    hahaha hockey shaft! wtf they doin in minnesota?!

  • Braxton D

    He obviously can’t wait for Easton to make their lacrosse shafts, now that they own Talon lacrosse, and had to use a cut hockey stick

  • Andy Mac

    Nothing, eh.

  • JC V.

    Is it that hes wearing only Brine gear haha

  • naplax31

    bahaha thts tight dude ur boy goes hard with the hockey stick

  • His sidewalls are loose 😛

  • reidman4

    he doesnt have flow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • brooks

    This kid needs to wear an undershirt. Nasty padss.

  • mitch4

    Oh wow.. I play in minnesota and I know there are a lot of hockey guys but this is ridiculous! haha

  • Mitch

    Box lax hybrid? nope. Hockey lax hybrid? hell yeah.

  • ryanbergquist

    matt fisk!

  • Marc

    first, hes using a hockey stick shaft?? and he also on a football field and hes not wearing a shirt under his pads… FAIL

  • Rummage47

    hockey shaft?

  • gene

    well #1 he is not wearing any maverik stuff. #2 He is clearly using a hockey shaft. #3 i don’t see any lax lines i think it is just a football field rather than multi purpose.

  • siebs

    that’s a hockey stick