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What's Wrong With This Picture?

Posted on April 28, 2010 by

Categories: Companies, Equipment/Gear, Game Photos, Maverik, Sticks/Shafts, Talon

This picture was taken by Maverik’s Joe Cinosky at one of his recent tuneups in Minnesota where he balls for the Minnesota Swarm. Can you figure out what’s wrong with the picture below?

For more information on Cinosky’s camps and clinics, visit Lakeshore lacrosse.

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  • Matty B

    His shaft is a hockey stick! How is that even comfortable?

  • mackerl

    hahaha hockey shaft! wtf they doin in minnesota?!

  • Braxton D

    He obviously can’t wait for Easton to make their lacrosse shafts, now that they own Talon lacrosse, and had to use a cut hockey stick

  • Andy Mac

    Nothing, eh.

  • JC V.

    Is it that hes wearing only Brine gear haha

  • naplax31

    bahaha thts tight dude ur boy goes hard with the hockey stick

  • PiotreX

    His sidewalls are loose 😛

  • reidman4

    he doesnt have flow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • brooks

    This kid needs to wear an undershirt. Nasty padss.

  • mitch4

    Oh wow.. I play in minnesota and I know there are a lot of hockey guys but this is ridiculous! haha

  • Mitch

    Box lax hybrid? nope. Hockey lax hybrid? hell yeah.

  • ryanbergquist

    matt fisk!

  • Marc

    first, hes using a hockey stick shaft?? and he also on a football field and hes not wearing a shirt under his pads… FAIL

  • Rummage47

    hockey shaft?

  • gene

    well #1 he is not wearing any maverik stuff. #2 He is clearly using a hockey shaft. #3 i don’t see any lax lines i think it is just a football field rather than multi purpose.

  • siebs

    that’s a hockey stick