Tuesday you checked out the Warrior gloves the Wales National team will be wearing this summer. Today, you get the opportunity to influence which 1 Lacrosse custom designed shaft Wales uses this summer in the World Games. Take a look at the three options below and comment on which one you like best.

Design 1:
This design has a Red and white color pattern with a Forest and White logo in the center.

Design 2:
Design number two has a White pattern color with Red and White team logo colors.

Design 3:
This option displays a Red and White pattern with Red and White team logo.

Which design do you like? Why?

  1. The second was the most popular with the players. Together with the guys at 1lacrosse we have come up with some very cool designs.

  2. if they are stupid enough to get a 1lacrosse shaft then the 3rd but after my last experience with 1 i wouldnt waste my time i cant play with a shaft when its bent at 90 degrees

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