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Whittier Lacrosse: Iron Poet

Posted on March 14, 2012 by

Categories: D3, Training, videos

Every year, the Whittier College Men’s Lacrosse Team test their relative strength in a competition called, The Iron Poet. The team tests at the begining of the fall and the end of the winter. The purpose of this test is to see who can improve their relative strength the most over that period of time. This video shows “testing day”, the culmination of the poets strength and conditioning program.

Director: Andrew Swett & Kevin Sun
Produced: Andrew Swett
Edited: Kevin Sun
Shot: Kevin Sun, James Gallagher

Posted in: D3

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  • ckloster

    badass swett

  • ckloster

    badass swett

  • Guest

    those were some solid squats and pull ups. lol.