June is here, which means summer ball is right around the corner and we have a chance for you to be a part of Team Lacrosse Playground. OK, you don’t actually get to play with us. But you can look fly, because we’ve teamed up with Boathouse and are giving away one full set of our summer ball unis — reversible jersey and shorts.

We went with a classic and clean look this year with pinstripes. The black side of the reversible features charcoal gray pinstripes and the carolina blue side of the reversible features slightly lighter blue pinstripes. The front of the jersey contains the LacrossePlayground.com logo outlined in blue with the jersey number on the shoulder, with the back featuring a jersey number.

The shorts are Boathouse’s sublimated summer short, which are new for 2010. The shorts carry the pinstripes through and feature a swash of Carolina blue carried down the site. As is the trend in summer shorts, the shorts do have pockets.

To win a Lacrosse Playground summer uniform, fill out the form below. And if you still don’t have uniforms for your own summer team yet, Boathouse’s quick turn-around times on filling uniform orders might help you get out of that bind. You can order your own team jerseys (and a whole bunch of other stuff) by going to BOATHOUSE.COM.

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Please note, actual uniform shown may have a different jersey number than the one given away.

  • 412 Lax

    Slightly toned down version of the digi camos from last year. Not bad work gents. Not bad work at all.

  • Lance Gibson

    SICK! Boathouse makes the best uni’s, hand down. My team has been rocking Boathouse for 2 years and they look as good today as they did when we got them.

  • Blake

    awesome looking pants and reversible love the color scheme

  • Matt

    bros, when do we know if we won it?

    help me out.. thanks laxers

  • Lacrosse Playground

    Hey Matt, thanks for participating in the contest. The winner will be announced late next week. We will make sure to keep all of you posted. Thanks again.