Win the Dragonfly Breast Cancer Awareness Lacrosse Shaft

Epoch Lacrosse is helping to bring awareness to this disease in an effort to find a cure. For 2013, Epoch has created its 3rd edition custom Dragonfly Breast Cancer Awareness shaft (above). This bold, yet simple, shaft is designed to grab your attention as you pay tribute to a loved one who has been afflicted by this horrible disease. The color Pink has become synonymous with the breast cancer awareness movement and this year’s custom Dragonfly embodies all that the movement represents.

Learn more about the Gen.5 Dragonfly shaft.

These shafts are not available for sale. This is the 3rd year Epoch, the most innovative lacrosse shaft manufacturer, has focused its efforts on spreading breast cancer awareness. You can win this shaft simply by sharing this post on Facebook – either by clicking like on the post here or easily sharing it on our Facebook page.

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