We were the first to shine a light on Booker Corrigan’s announcing skills way back on May 17. It’s great to see Corrigan get the attention he’s worked so hard for over the years as a coach and as a play-by-play commentator.

Thursday, Hip-Hop magazine, XXL Magazine, did a feature story about Corrigan and his claim to national fame when he added excitement to the go-ahead goal in a MIAA plaoff game for Kudda Sports.

Losing himself in the moment, overly-excited, play-by-play announcer Scott ‘Booker’ Corrigan responded by not only recounting what had just happened, but unexpectedly dropping a classic line from Notorious B.I.G.’s “Big Poppa” song right on the spot.

“Believe me sweetie, I got enough to feed the needy/No need to be greedy, mad friends with Benzes and C-notes by the layers…I love it when you call me Big Poppa!” Corrigan exclaimed in euphoria seconds after Pike’s clutch score.

Corrigan’s call went viral. He explains why he chose that specific Biggie line:

“Because (Pyke’s) so big and I probably have referred to him as Big Poppa once or twice in the year, it just literally popped into my head,” Corrigan, 45, tells XXL. “I didn’t know what line of that song (“Big Poppa”) I was going to use and all of a sudden it was just: “Believe me sweetie, I got enough to feed the needy/No need to be greedy. He and I are now joined at the hip, I guess forever.

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