10 PLL Storylines For the NLL Fan

THE Shutdown SSDM

Let me preface this by saying that I think Zach Goodrich was probably under-drafted in the PLL Entry Draft when the Cannons selected at 6th overall. So far, it appears that he was over-drafted in the NLL draft (he was taken at the end of the first round in 2019 by the then New England Black Wolves). Goodrich is one of only two 1st rounders from the 2019 Draft that has yet to play in an NLL game. Disclaimer: I have no inside information on if he plans to pursue an NLL lineup spot. But if he does… watch out. Goodrich is an eraser who uses vicious reverse v-holds to harass his assignments. He is on the shortlist of players who can guard one through six. This allows the Cannons to employ a “switch-heavy” scheme. His on-ball abilities would be an asset for the Albany FireWolves.

The Return of Latrell

Latrell Harris (Archers) has not played a professional lacrosse game since December 7, 2019 when he logged 18 minutes for the Toronto Rock. An injury prohibited him from playing for the duration of the season. If he is on the game-day roster for Saturday’s game, that will have been 547 days without professional lacrosse for him. Harris likely would have wielded a long pole had he have taken the college lacrosse route, but he’ll be used as an SSDM by the Archers. Rock fans will be delighted to see Harris back in game form.

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