2010-2011 Warrior EMPEROR Head

The EMPEROR was designed with some of the latest technology in heads to create the ultimate in performance lacrosse heads. It uses Warrior’s patented gas assist “NOZ” molding technique to achieve one of the lightest heads in lacrosse. According to Warrior Product Manager, Tom Burns, Warrior is “using NOZ technology in this head, but only in the throat where most of the weight is… by using it in only certain sections you get the perfect balance of weight and stiffness throughout the head.”

The sidewall design maximizes stiffness in the bottom 1/3 section of a head – where you need stability. “This head really incorporates all of the things we have learned over the past decade of making lacrosse heads,” Warrior Product Manager, Tom Burns, states. “We are really starting to study flex points in lacrosse heads – why they flex, where they flex and address those issues in the design of our heads. This is really evident in how the sidewall detail in the Emperor is positioned in the bottom section of the head.”

By moving the meat of the sidewall down they move the flex point higher in the head – this keeps the head straight for a longer distance on the sidewall and gives you more accuracy on shots and passes.

New slimmer scoop design allows for quicker transfer both in and out of the pocket which allows you to have quicker release as well as easier ground ball pickups.

“We are really trying to make our heads available to players at all levels,” says Tom Burns. “If you are playing by new NCAA rules we have the X6 version / if you play by NFHS High school rules we have the regular NFHS version available.” As previously stated, there are two versions of the head, and the specs are as follows, X6 = 3.9oz / NFHS = 4.3oz.

View a video of the Warrior EMPEROR Turntable

Warrior EMPEROR X6


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