2014 Vail Lacrosse Shootout – Day 3

2014 Vail Lacrosse Shootout – Day 3

The third day of the 42nd Vail Lacrosse Shootout saw the high school division’s best rise to the top. On the boy’s side it’s a rematch of the 2013 Championship game as the Baltimore Crabs return to defend their title against the dangerous Laxachusetts.

In the U-19 Girl’s division, pool play wrapped up, Team HLA, who have won the last Shootout’s last three titles, went undefeated in the round-robin and will look to repeat as Gold Division champs.

Results for Tuesday 7/1

U-19 Boys
Vail Athletic – Division I

11:00am – Laxachusetts 11, Midwest Select 6
Midwest Select came out strong, scoring the first goal less than two minutes into the game, however Laxachusetts responded quickly with five unanswered goals before the end of the first quarter. Although Mike Orefice from Laxachusetts dominated on Faceoff’s, the two teams exchanged goals throughout the second quarter, bringing the score to 9-5 at the half.  The third quarter provided far less action with only one Laxachusetts goal in the frame. PJ Bogle of Midwest Select scored two goals in the final quarter, however Laxachusetts’ speed and ball movement ultimately proved too much for the Midwest team. Laxachussets’ Trevor O’Brien scored his fourth, and the last goal of the game, bringing the final score to 11-6.

1:00pm – Baltimore Crabs 10, FCA 5
The first quarter of this semi-final game showcased two evenly matched teams as they exchanged goals early, with the Crabs up early at 3-2. Both teams showcased exceptional Faceoff players, Hunter Moreland from the Crabs and Trevor Baptiste from FCA. While Baptiste ultimately came away with three more wins, Moreland contributed to his team’s success with a goal and an assist. The Crabs steadily expanded their lead outscoring FCA 4-1 in the second quarter and finishing the first half up 7-3.  The 3rd quarter demonstrated even scoring by both teams however FCA ultimately could not overcome the balanced attack and strong defense of the Baltimore Crabs. Chase Wittich, of the Baltimore Crabs, brought the game to a 10-5 end with the game’s only fourth quarter goal. The Baltimore Crabs will once again face Laxachusetts in a Championship Game rematch from 2013.
5th Place Bracket
9:00am – Team Colorado 18, Altitude Stickness 6
3:00pm – ADVNC 6, ADRLN Jr. Tropics 19

Vail Mountain School – Division II
10:00am – Brady’s Bunch defeated Nebraska Prime
12:00pm – 3d NE Select 15, Wasatch LC 6

2:00pm – Minnesota Chill 14, Local Favorites 2

U-19 Girls
Edwards Turf
9:00 – C – Team 180 ‘17 11, Cat-A-Lax 3
Determination filled both teams as they displayed sportsmanship and hustle but in the end Team 180 ’17 imposed their will to take an 11-3 victory.
10:15 – B – Team 180 ‘15 15, Frost 2
11:30 – A – Team HLA 14, MLA Northstars 0
12:45 – B – Bees & Honey 3, Team 180 ’15 18

Edwards 2
9:00 – D – Houston Heat 1, 3d Select Orange 0 (Forfeit)
10:15 – B – Stars 2018 Blue 13, Bees & Honey 2
11:30 – A – Lax NW Rippers 10, 3d Select Blue 7
Lax NW Rippers and 3d Select Blue played a high intensity game from start to finish. With little to distinguish the teams and set them apart, Lax NW Rippers grinded out a 10-7 victory.
12:45 – B – Frost 4, Stars 2018 Blue 12

Edwards 3
9:00 – D – Midwestern Lax 19, Denver Summit 7
10:15 – C – Team Colorado 14, 3d Select Red 2
11:30 – D – Houston Heat 9, Denver Summit 8
In an offensive face off both teams scored numerous times to keep it clost. After many lead changes Houston Heat controlled the momentum in the last minutes holding off a fierce Denver Summit team
12:45 – D – 3d Select Orange 0, Midwestern Lax 1 (Forfeit)

Final Pool Standings
Pool A
3-0 Team HLA
2-1 Lax NW Rippers
1-2 3d Select Blue
0-3 MLA Northstars

Pool B
2-0 Team 180 ‘15
1-1 Frost
1-1 Stars 2018 Blue
0-2 Bees & Honey

Pool C
3-0 Team 180 ‘17
2-1 Team Colorado
0-2-1 3d Select Red
0-2-1 Cat-A-Lax

Pool D
2-0 Midwestern Lax
1-3 Denver Summit
1-1 Houston Heat
0-1 3d Select Orange

Schedule for Wednesday 7/2

U-19 Boys Division
Division I
12:30pm – Vail Athletic – Laxachusetts vs. Baltimore Crabs

3rd Place
8:30am – Vail Athletic – FCA vs. Midwest

5th Place
10:00am – Vail Mountain School – Colorado vs. ADRLN Jr. Tropics

7th Place
8:30am – Vail Mountain School – ADVNC vs. Altitude Stickness

Division II
10:00am – Athletic Field – Brady’s Bunch vs. 3d NE Select
11th Place
10:00pm – Edwards 4 – Nebraska Prime vs. Wasatch
13th Place
8:30am – Edwards 4 – Minnesota Chill vs. Local Favorites

U-19 Girls Division
Gold Bracket
9:45 – Edwards 2 – Team HLA vs Frost
9:45 – Edwards 3 – Lax NW Rippers vs Team 180 ‘17
11:00 – Edwards Turf – Stars 2018 Blue vs Midwestern Lax
11:00 – Edwards 2 – Team 180 ’15 vs 3d Select Blue
1:30 – Edwards Turf – Winner 9:45 E2 vs. Winner 9:45 E3
1:30 – Edwards 2 – Winner 11:00 ET vs. Winner 11:00 E2
5th Place Bracket
1:30 – Edwards 3 – Loser 9:45 E2 vs. Loser 9:45 E3
2:45 – Edwards Turf – Loser 11:00 ET vs. Loser 11:00 E2

Silver Bracket
8:30 – Edwards Turf – Team Colorado vs 3d Select Orange
8:30 – Edwards 2 – Cat-A-Lax vs Houston Heat
8:30 – Edwards 3 – 3d Select Red vs Bees & Honey
9:45 – Edwards Turf – Denver Summit vs MLA Northstars
11:00 – Edwards 3 – Winner 8:30 ET vs. Winner 8:30 E2
12:15 – Edwards Turf – Winner 8:30 E3 vs. Winner 9:45 ET
5th Place Bracket
12:15 – Edwards 2 – Loser 8:30 ET vs. Loser 8:30 E2
12:15 – Edwards 3 – Loser 8:30 E3 vs. Loser 9:45 ET

2014 Vail Lacrosse Shootout Schedule
Under 19 High School Boys: June 29th to July 2nd
Under 19 High School Girls: June 30th to July 3rd
Women’s Elite: July 3rd to July 6th
Men’s Elite: July 3rd to July 6th

Photo Captions:
VLS_7-1-1 – HS Girls: Houston Heat vs 3d Select in the Final Day of Pool Play

VLS_7-1-2 – HS Girls: Houston Heat vs 3d Select in the Final Day of Pool Play

VLS_7-1-3 – HS Boys: Midwest Select vs Laxachusetts in Semi-Final Action

VLS_7-1-4 – HS Boys: FCA vs Baltimore Crabs in Semi-Final Action

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