3Dmesh Review


May 27, 2016

When I first saw 3Dmesh on Instagram, I was really intrigued by it.  The diamonds were huge, and I was interested in how it would perform.  I got the opportunity to string up a piece and test it out and this stuff is definitely different than any other mesh I have ever tried out.


I strung the 3Dmesh in a Gait Recon XL, and I found it to be a little bit difficult, but not too bad to string.  Since the diamonds are so big, I had to change up my top string a bit to make sure the mesh was tight to the scoop.  The sidewall pattern I used was a little bit different as well, as I locked down each mesh diamond to several sidewall holes. I was still able to achieve a nice mid to mid-low pocket with a decent channel and a baggy, yet still legal pocket.


When I put a ball in the stick and started cradling with it, the mesh felt so different than anything I had used before.  The amount of hold and feel on the ball was insane and definitely the nicest thing about this mesh. Since the mesh is quite think, could feel exactly where the ball was as it rolled over each diamond.  The hold is fantastic as well, as the mesh hugs the ball no matter where it is in the pocket.  I started throwing with it and there was barely any whip.  I didn’t even need to use shooters. All I added was one nylon at the top to give it a little snap when the ball came out.  Shooting with it felt decent although not my favorite.  It did feel a little less consistent than I would have liked but not too bad.

I did use it in the rain once, and although the feel and release stayed the same, the mesh bagged out pretty badly.  The mesh is untreated, so the water soaked right into the fibers of the mesh and the pocket deepened to an illegal depth.  I’d only recommend using this mesh in dry weather conditions.

3Dmesh is unlike any other mesh I have tried and gives an unmatched level of hold and feel on the ball.  Although there are some negatives to using it, I’d recommend checking it out for yourself.


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