A Day in the Life, Jono Enterprises / Shoot N Scoop


March 2, 2016


Company Name: Jono Enterprises / Shoot n Scoop

Function: Manufacturer of training devices

Location: Pelham, NY


History of this company?

The Shoot n Scoop was created to help teach and perfect proper lacrosse fundamentals of shooting and scooping. As dads, players, and coaches, they sought a better way for youth players to learn the game in a fun and intuitive way. After three plus years of research and development, we launched our product officially at LaxCon in January 2015. Beyond developing a fun and intuitive training device, we also sought to create a highly durable product that stands up to the rigors of lacrosse. Players of all ages enjoy using the Shoot n Scoop, from the beginner learning to scoop through the ball to the more advanced, older player using them as goals to improve their accuracy and play games. Whether on the field, backyard, beach, wherever, the Shoot n Scoop is easily transported and fits in just about any space.

Outside of its history, what makes this company so special?

Since launching, we have sold over 600 Shoot n Scoops to individuals, youth teams, camps, clinics, and schools. We sell mainly direct through our website, and have a few select retail partners in New York and Michigan. Recently, we listed our product on Amazon, and have a few more retail partnerships ramping soon. We have been extremely happy and thankful for such tremendous interest and support from the lacrosse community.


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