Adrenaline Summer 2011 Video LookBook

The Adrenaline Team is proud to present it’s Summer 2011 Collection. All lines of apparel created by Adrenaline are a collaborative effort that includes all members of the Adrenaline Team. The Summer ’11 Line was lead by designers from the action sports industry who Adrenaline has now added to their Team on a permanent basis. The unique hybrid at Adrenaline, created by the combination of mainstream lacrosse and west coast-based action sports artists, is what places Adrenaline in it’s own echelon amongst endemic brands. This year’s line features trending styles such as snap back hats, genuine fits and fabrics, authentic lacrosse wear, and a renewed focus on footwear. Adrenaline Apparel continues to push the envelope while maintaining a timeless and tasteful appeal; the company has created multiple lines per year since it’s inception, each succeeding more than the previous. Experiencing consistent and exponential growth over the past five years, Adrenaline Apparel has endured the cyclical nature of lacrosse fads (hopefully the days of graphic-barf on lacrosse shorts and shirts are out by now), only to be positioned well atop the softgoods side of the industry. Thanks to Adrenaline, lacrosse players and enthusiasts have a place to turn for quality clothing that’s true to the sport.

The story of the west coast lacrosse is told perfectly in the photo shoot recently shot at “Anywhere” beach in Southern California. The lifestyle of west coast lacrosse goes beyond the field, something that is not unique to the west coast but every region differs in the definition of this. While Adrenaline Apparel is based on the west coast, they believe very strongly in the culture of lacrosse and are proud to be a part of it. This year’s shoot features Adrenaline Team members Max Ritz of LXMPRO, Sean McGonigle of the Chronicles of McGonigle, Casey Rector (Oregon, 2009) and Meg Decker (Loyola, 2011). Other’s featured are local lacrosse products, still enjoying their amateur status, who embody the Adrenaline brand through and through.

Song credit on this video “Geographer,” a San Francisco-based up and coming trio. The infamous SPIN magazine’s take on Geographer is here: “Cellos plus synthesizers often equals wimpy drivel. But this Bay Area threesome deftly factor urgency into their equation with insistent beats that prop up shy, reverb-drenched vocals from Michael Deni. Tailor-made for your own personal late-night dance party.”

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