Adrenaline To Host Wheelchair Lacrosse Camp (Video)

San Diego, Calif. – Adrenaline Lacrosse, the leading lacrosse apparel, clinic and camp provider on the west coast, and Wheelchair Lacrosse, which created the nation’s only lacrosse program for disabled athletes, today announced a partnership to offer the first ever Wheelchair Lacrosse Camp to male and female sport enthusiasts. The camp, which will take place in San Jose, Calif. on March 21 and 22, will offer professional group instruction, one-on-one skills training and scrimmage play to attendees.

The sport of wheelchair lacrosse was developed in 2009 by Ryan Baker and Bill Lundstrom, both San Diego spinal cord injury athletes. What started as a brainstorm on the tennis court one afternoon quickly grew into a passion for the friends, who spent months experimenting with equipment, skills training and play rules that enabled the sport to be played by wheelchair athletes with varying levels of ability.

The result is an exciting, fast-paced sport that is truly revolutionizing adaptive sports and the lacrosse community. The Adrenaline team learned of the wheelchair lacrosse play and quickly got involved in activities designed to bring the new sport to players.

“We are so excited to work with Adrenaline to grow the sport of wheelchair lacrosse, and the camp in San Jose is just the beginning of an entire program we want to develop for men and women living with spinal cord injury,” said Wheelchair Lacrosse Founder Ryan Baker. “The game is so progressive in the adaptive sport community and we look forward to seeing it grow on a national level.”

Primarily played on a roller hockey rink surface with slightly modified rules, wheelchair lacrosse players currently gather twice weekly for practice and scrimmage play in San Diego. Members of the Adrenaline team had the opportunity to try out the game earlier this year; an experience which only further encouraged the company to get involved with the development of the sport.

“It was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done as an athlete,” said Alex Cade, Adrenaline president and former Notre Dame Goaltender. “The Wheelchair Lacrosse group leant chairs to us for play and I learned quickly that pushing and playing is an exhausting effort! After about 20 minutes my arms felt like they were going to fall off.”

The March 20 and 21 Wheelchair Lacrosse camp is being held in association with Wheelchair Lacrosse, Adrenaline Lacrosse, Adrenaline Apparel, South Swell Sports and the city of San Jose. Thanks to the kind donations and support from all parties involved, only a fifty dollar fee will be charged for two days of instruction, training and play.

For more information about the San Jose Wheelchair Lacrosse Camp and to register for the camp, please visit the Adrenaline web site. For inquiries surrounding the sport of Wheelchair Lacrosse and how you can get involved, go to Wheelchair Lacrosse.

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