Adrenaline’s 2013 Success in an Infographic

Adrenaline's 2013 Success in an Infographic
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Every year Adrenaline puts together annual company-wide statistics to track the success of our mission as advocates for our core athletes. Aside from our lacrosse inspired lifestyle and performance apparel lines, we focus much of our efforts on lacrosse events—covering the needs of the core lacrosse athlete on and off the field. Last year’s info graphic showed rapid growth of western lacrosse players on a national stage. There was an explosion of lacrosse in nontraditional areas that were indicative of Adrenaline’s influence on fringe markets still considered the far and undiscovered frontier of lacrosse. Adrenaline takes a tremendous amount of pride in these stats since they represent a step forward in our mission to make sure our core players achieve their best. This data also evokes company-wide reflection on these past successes and evaluation of past plans, forming a clear vision and path to further improve in the future.

This year’s statistics were highlighted by: Adrenaline success stories, Adrenaline alumni, recruiting statistics, West Coast Starz and overall western lacrosse growth and success. Adrenaline is once again excited to usher in the new generation of lacrosse athlete that is bonded by lacrosse and united in life.

Adrenaline Success Stories
These stats represent some of the overarching, company-wide achievements. Last year our event offerings reached 11 different states and two Canadian provinces, something we were thrilled with. This year our event offerings reached 36 different states and virtually all of Canada. We are ecstatic to see how far our reach has extended in just one year. Although we are based in California and still maintain a focus on the western frontier and other fringe markets, we couldn’t be happier with our rapid expansion into new areas. It’s been great to introduce our vision into traditional hotbeds where we were graciously welcomed with open arms and minds. We are equally proud to have taken the time to devote the necessary resources to bring Adrenaline events to areas where foundations for lacrosse are still being built by dedicated local enthusiasts. It’s very rewarding to have the ability and organizational gusto to be a part of perpetuating the high growth rate of the sport. For more about Adrenaline Successes see our blog at:

Another very important stat that oftentimes is overshadowed by recruiting statistics is our Awareness Initiative. We’ve exerted a lot of time, effort, and care into this aspect of our business. From last year we have more than doubled our Awareness charity partners and tripled our funding to over $134,000 (and growing). We have innovative concepts and new charity partners coming out that we are very pleased with. Adrenaline Awareness will continue to be an integral part of our company moving forward. Learn more about our Awareness mission here:

Adrenaline Alumni
Our programs are built with a progression in mind that not only builds players, but also the culture and future of the game. We are not a lax factory simply churning numbers. We have a personal and real relationship with all of our athletes that we value and try and extend beyond high school years. We see our alumni as missionaries who carry along the Adrenaline Movement throughout their careers as players and coaches. With each and every program we try to come full circle, starting from the most basic level to the most advanced. We take care of our players during every step of their lacrosse careers and ensure that players of every level have a program in place to help guide them along. It’s extremely rewarding for us to see players that have gone through the Adrenaline system and achieve success in their college or professional careers. There are currently 8 Adrenaline Alumni who have played or are currently playing professional lacrosse, including 2012 Tewaaraton winner and Adrenaline Athlete, Peter Baum. It’s the ultimate reward to see such honors reflect the impact of the Adrenaline system. When Adrenaline Athletes, Peter Baum, Erik Krum and Geoff Worley play together in the LXM PRO Tour it is a perfect illustration of their successes in the system, striving to reach their highest potential since they stepped on the field nearly 8 years ago wearing West Coast Starz jerseys.

At the college level in 2013 we saw 10 Adrenaline Alums become Division I All-Americans, 21 make NCAA all-conference teams and 19 make all-league selections as underclassmen. Our top alumni get selected by the Adrenaline Evaluation Team (AET) to play for the Adrenaline Tropics to compete at some of the nation’s top club tournaments. When this info graphic was made we had 4 championships in 2 years. However, the Tropics recently won the Lake Tahoe Tournament for the third time in a row in the Open Division and repeated in the U-19 Division, pushing our total to 6 championships. Our most recent Adrenaline Alumni, the high school class of 2013, are incredibly impressive. The Adrenaline All-American game this year was almost freakish, highlighted by the US lacrosse western player of the year, Lucas Gradinger. The future Terp has been through every single level of the Adrenaline System and joined our program when he was just a 1st grader. We could not be happier for his success and can’t wait to see what the 2013 class does at the college level next year.

Our main goal with our recruiting program is to provide a platform where players can showcase their talents in front of the right college coaches. We take a tremendous amount of care in providing a high level of value and effectiveness to players and recruiters alike by having an educated and informed player advocate team in place, known as the Adrenaline Evaluation Team (AET). This team works hard to see every player at Adrenaline events, grade them and get them invited to the right event for optimum exposure to ideal collegiate choices. The AET members become behind the scenes and vocal sideline advocates for our players to find matches with the appropriate level of collegiate play. The perfect harmony results in high commitment rates for high school players and a ton of happy collegiate coaches. We measure this by the Adrenaline College Placement Success Rate (CPSR). The CPSR gives a great insight into how well our recruiting events are working to achieve our main goal of getting players to the next level and helping coaches fill their rosters with high quality lacrosse players that fit in their own systems.

Our CPSRs reached all-time highs for our recruiting events this year and we’re happy with the progress they are making. The level of talent increases exponentially every year and we expect these numbers to continue to improve. The addition of the Adrenaline Black Card event was huge for us and we’re starting to see an extremely high CPSR for the nation’s top recruiting event (.92 CPSR). Other strong recruiting events included the Adrenaline Showcase (.88 CPSR) and the Adrenaline High Rollers (.75 CPSR)

We also put together a graph looking into NCAA programs carrying western players and what percentage of those players came through Adrenaline events. We found that in 2013 there were 333 western players on NCAA rosters and 208 (63%) of them came through Adrenaline program offerings. Looking into these stats a little further and breaking them down by region we found that nearly 90% of the players from California have gone through Adrenaline. What’s even more impressive is the percentage increase for western players now on NCAA rosters. From 2009 to 2013 there has been an increase of 129.6%. During the same 5-year span we saw an increase of 123% that came through the Adrenaline System and are now playing in the NCAA.

Adrenaline West Coast Starz Club
Our 2014, 2015 and 2016 West Coast Starz teams recently competed in the NSCLA cup in Philadelphia. The NSCLA cup is known to be the premier team-recruiting tournament in the country. Club teams compete for a chance to be recognized as the nation’s top club team. The 2014 and 2015 teams each made it to the finals of the NSCLA Cup where they lost in close games while the 2016 WCS team won the NSCLA cup for their respective division, making them the number one club team in the country for their age group.

Nearly every single player that is a member of the West Coast Starz gets recruited to play in college. The only reason our stat doesn’t read 100% is because there are always outliers that choose a Stanford or USC (who can blame them), but we are confident that the CPSR would be 100% if each player chose to play at the next level.

As the talent pool increased in size, so did the Adrenaline West Coast Starz program. Sectional West Coast Starz teams were created to support the best players from each of the following regions: Northwest, Southern California, Desert and Rocky Mountain regions. The WCS sectional teams attended the Legacy Cup this summer and made a very strong statement in their inaugural year. The 2015 Northwest team was crowned champion of the event for their division and the 2015 So- Cal team lost in the championship. Several players made the All Star game and received great recruiting looks as a result of overall strong play by the all WCS teams.

A stat that really stood out as we dug into the Starz program was how many current high school Starz players there are that have already verbally committed. When we made this info graphic the number was 137. By the time you are reading it, it will likely be well over 175.

Western Success as a Whole
Company-wide stats are extremely important to us; yet, there is a bigger picture for Adrenaline—the growth and success of western lacrosse as a whole. 96% of Division I teams carried a western player on their roster this year! Think about that from a perspective held just 10 years ago! 96% was up from 87% last year. In Division II we saw 78% of teams carry at least one western player, up from 72% while Division III saw a jump from 46% in 2012 to 59% in 2013.

While discussing the 2013 statistics, CMO and founder of Adrenaline, Alex Cade, stated “We have known for years how extremely important it is for us to take the time to evaluate exactly what our impact is upon the lacrosse landscape. I am so excited to see this influence growing by the year. The addition of exciting new initiatives like Adrenaline Awareness allows us to champion the Adrenaline Movement for the new era of lacrosse led by an exciting, young, modern player whose influence extends well beyond the field of play. As much as we are proud of our influence so far we have much work to do. We are immediately looking forward to 2014 and leveraging this great company we have built in new and innovative ways to truly serve the real core of lacrosse. For us lacrosse is the primary focus.”

About Adrenaline
Adrenaline is one of the most unique companies in all of sports due to its multi-faceted and authentic nature. Through cutting edge team, performance, and lifestyle apparel, Adrenaline represents the true core of lacrosse. Adrenaline dedicates much of its efforts towards enacting a positive social change by utilizing the power of sports in the Adrenaline Awareness program. Adrenaline also owns the LXM PRO tour and executes the top events programs in lacrosse with Training Programs, Recruiting Programs, Starz Clubs, Tournaments, Camps and Leagues. The Adrenaline Recruiting System features the #1 recruitment program in the nation, The Adrenaline Blackcard, and boasts the nation’s top Collegiate Placement Success Rate (CPSR). Adrenaline Starz is the largest Club network in the sport including the nationally top ranked Adrenaline West Coast Starz Teams. Adrenaline truly is All Fight No Flight. Visit our website at or contact us at [email protected].

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