ARC Shaft Review

ARC lacrosse shafts are unlike any other shaft on the market.  The first time I saw one of these they reminded me of hot glue dyes I used to do on heads.  When ARC challenged me to review one of these shafts, I was even more impressed to see one in person and found out these are pretty sweet.


ARC shafts are all made of 7050 aircraft grade aluminum.  It is quite light and yet still very durable.  I used it in a box practice and had no issues with dents or scratches while having the shaft take a solid amount of abuse through cross checks and slashes. ARC even stands behind the durability of their shafts with an industry best one year warranty, unlike a majority of metal shafts on the market.  If the shaft bends or breaks, they will replace it.

The thing that really makes these shafts stand out from every other shaft on the market is definitely the look of these.  The Arc shafts are available in pretty much any color you want and can be laser engraved with custom designs (such as my review shaft) as well as logos, texts or anything you want. These look great and are anodized, which prevents the graphics from every fading, chipping or wearing out over time.  They have a smooth, mirrored finish that looks great.  Although it is smooth, the shaft still does have a decent amount of grip to it while still allowing your hands to slide easily on the shaft.  The shape feels great in your hand, a standard octagon with slight concave edges, my go to shaft shape.


Another cool thing different about the ARC shafts is they actually come in a sleeve to protect them.  Although the sleeve isn’t very useful, it is a cool touch that makes these feel like “premium” products.


Overall, ARC shafts are some of the coolest looking shafts on the market, and their quality is just as good.  If you like an alloy shaft and want a full year warranty, no one else offers that.  These are great shafts and I definitely recommend checking them out.

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