Asics Provost: New Cleat In Town

There’s a new cleat in town. Asics is getting ready to introduce their new lacrosse cleats. The Gel Provost should be hitting fields this June or July ready to take on the best shoes that are currently on the market.

The Asics Provost cleat will be available in men’s and women’s models. Men’s model in a low top or a mid top and the women’s in just a low top. Asics rocks it in a subtle way offering the always popular White/Black/Silver and Black/Silver/White color combos.

The big thing to note right away is that Asics is making these shoes CRAZY Light. The men’s mid model hits the scales at a mere 11.6 ounces, the men’s low top at 10.9 ounces and the women’s model at a scant 8.9 ounces. Like the already well known V-Cut turf cleats the Provost uses the Asics HG10mm heel set up to allow the player to perform in a more bio-mechanically efficient position. The HG10mm raises the heel slightly which reduces stress on lower leg joints and helps to create a comfortable alignment in the knees, shins and ankles.

The cushioning in the men’s and women’s Provost comes from the Asics Solyte material which provide optimum comfort and stability. Asics also employs their Duomax running shoe technology and a gel unit in the heel area of the shoe which again provides great comfort and stability to the player.

The toe area of both the men’s and women’s shoes utilize a protective layer to keep the shoe in good shape when the trailing toe area is dragged during the final movements of either passing or shooting. Asics uses a multi functional outsole on the Provost cleat which makes this a perfect shoe for natural surface play and field play in wet conditions. But wait. The Provost will rock your world on field turf as well. The light weight and always prominent Asics quality comes through to keep your feet happy and your body stable during play. The Provost will be a shoe that other companies are going to have to pay attention to.

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Mike Rinier, 9 Year Lacrosse coach for both men’s and women’s. Enjoys coaching Goalies the most. Mike enjoys participating in downhill mountain biking, road bike and cyclocross as well as distance trail hiking and finding ways to bring the lacrosse style to sports that may not be used to it. Custom stringer for Longstreth Women’s Sporting Goods. He will bring you the latest and greatest in what is new in the women’s game for both equipment and shoes. Hopefully we can cue you in to some cool stuff on the way.

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