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10 Things About Aussie Lax and Jersey Mock-Ups

By Lacrosse Playground | August 24, 2009 |
The National Lacrosse League All-Star Series will be hitting Australia this October. Check out some mock-ups of the uniforms and some info about Aussie lax you should know before going Down Under.


Sportscenter Top 10: John Grant Jrs BTB Makes The Cut

By Lacrosse Playground | August 24, 2009 |
With exactly one minute remaining in the first quarter of the MLL Championship yesterday, John Grant Jr. posts up on Denver Outlaw Brett Hughes and makes a 'G Moment'.

Air Jordan Spiz’ike Bred

By Lacrosse Playground | August 24, 2009 |
Scheduled for release in February 2010, the new Jordan Brand hybrid does not disappoint. The traditional black/red colorway is revved up with grey and black cement. The Spiz'ike is still relevant with the likes of new sneaker heads and remains to be one of the most popular designs for Jordan enthusiasts. 2010 is looking to be muy caliente!

Maverik Lacrosse Lids

By Lacrosse Playground | August 21, 2009 |
Looking for that last accessory to complete your look? Check out these hats from Maverik. More hats after the jump.

Maverik Pipeline Hat and Hoodie

By Lacrosse Playground | August 20, 2009 |
Looking to refresh your wardrobe? From Maverik Lacrosse comes the Pipeline hat and hoodie.


A Look at Maverik Tees

By Lacrosse Playground | August 20, 2009 |
Today we're taking a look at some of Maverik's newer t-shirts. More photos after the jump.


Max McCool: Making a Rubber Butt End for your Lacrosse Stick

By Lacrosse Playground | August 19, 2009 |
The latest from Lacrosse Playground's resident stick doctor Max McCool is an extensive video tutorial series about creating permanent rubber butt ends on your lacrosse stick. The 15 video series is after the jump.

STX Reveals Promotional Shirts

By Lacrosse Playground | August 19, 2009 |
STX has revealed some of its promotional t-shirts that will be given away at events this fall to promote STX's 2010 line. They posted pictures of the shirts on their Facebook page. Below is a shot of the Revolver tee. You can check out the other shirts in STX's Facebook photo album.


The Reebok 10K Head and 10K O-Tech Handle

By Lacrosse Playground | August 18, 2009 |
Today is a jackpot for any of you who are fans of Reebok’s products, because we have a preview of Reebok’s 10K 2010 line. Check out tons of pictures of Reebok’s 10K O-Tech handle and the Reebok 10K head after the jump.


President Obama's Custom Lacrosse Stick

By Lacrosse Playground | August 18, 2009 |
We all know President Obama is a huge basketball fan, but what about lacrosse? Brine produced a custom head for the president. More after the jump.


Smathers & Branson: Lacrosse Style in Belt Form

By Lacrosse Playground | August 17, 2009 |
Smathers & Branson, a company that started in order to make high-quality needlepoint belts, has several lacrosse-themed designs. Lacrosse Playground spoke with Austin Branson, a former lacrosse player (at Bowdoin College) and president of Smathers & Branson, about the business and lacrosse influences.


STX Releases Pictures of New X10 Head

By Lacrosse Playground | August 17, 2009 |
STX released pictures on its Facebook page today of the new X10 head, which will be available in stores this September/October. The X10 is an Xcalibur that meets the 2010 college specs. The Xcalibur, of course, has always been particularly popular head among defenseman and the X10 will probably follow suit.

Check out the photos after the jump or see all photos STX has to offer on its Facebook fan page.