Brine Launches Second Mobile Lacrosse Game

WARREN, MI – DATE – The Brine brand, a division of New Balance, announced this month the launch of Hotshot, a new mobile lacrosse game. The company launches the app just one year after the successful launch of the Brine Shootout app, the first “flick” lacrosse game in existence and the number one lacrosse game in the app store.

Designed to simulate a lacrosse player’s life, the game allows users to participate in target-shooting challenges across multiple environments. Players can also choose their gear (head, handle and gloves) and perform shots by swiping a finger from the bottom to the top of the screen.

“Brine was the first to launch a true mobile lacrosse game with Shootout,” said Dave Dixon, chief marketing officer for Brine. “Based on the uncanny success of the game, we once again partnered with Young & Laramore to create a new product that got the Brine brand into the hands of our target when they weren’t playing the sport on the field.”

Users flick a finger on their phones and tablets to execute shots at targets as they appear in each environment. Points and time bonuses are scored by successfully hitting a target before it disappears and these bonuses are multiplied when players go on a streak of consecutive “hits.”

“Hotshot was conceived in the same way that the original Shootout game was: create an captivating arcade-style game that could draw both LAX players and LAX enthusiasts in,” said Carolyn Hadlock, executive creative director at Young & Laramore.

Hotshot players will have the opportunity to participate in the initial training level (Dorm) and in the two succeeding levels: Locker Room and Field. Targets appear and disappear at a faster rate, as well as at a further distance in the harder levels. Unlockable gear offers players with the ability to customize their gameplay: certain items increase time bonus for a target “hit,” while others increase the score bonus and or the size of the targets themselves. The items are unlocked by completing challenges in each of the levels.

The Brine Shootout app initially launched on the iOS and Android platforms in April 2012. The game was an immediate success, totaling over a million plays during its first three weeks. To date, there have been over 6 million games played by nearly a quarter million unique visitors. The average time spent on the game is just under 14 minutes.

Similar to Shootout, Hotshot includes functionality that allows for advanced stat-tracking and high scores rankings. By entering a unique username, players are able to view wins, losses, and streaks across each of the three levels. Additionally, users can post scores and ranks to their Facebook and Twitter accounts directly from the app.

Brine Hotshot and Brine Shootout are now available on the App Store and Google Play for a free download. To do so, visit or

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