Brine to release new Swizzle Scandium handle


April 6, 2010

Brine will be releasing a new Swizzle Scandium handle as part of its spring line. The handle has some improvements over the existing Swizzle.

The biggest change in the handle is that the majority of the colors are anodized this year. OK, yeah, what does anodized mean? Think of it this way: The metal is dyed per color option instead of powder coated. This means that the weight of the handle is reduced because the color is essentially dyed into the handle instead of painted on. It also means that the color should stay longer. When a handle is coated or painted, the color can chip away with checks and wear and tear. The anodized handle means the color will stick around longer and won’t chip.

The Swizzle Scandium also comes with a raised grip pattern on the shaft that is made to emulate a tape job. Check out some of the zoomed in shots below. The filled in Mikey Powell wing emblems are raised and patterned to simulate the criss-cross candy cane tape job you may tape your handle with.

The Swizzle Scandium comes in attack and defense sizes and in the colors Black, White, Royal, Scarlet, Forest, Carolina, Orange, Navy, and HEADstrong Green. The handle retails for $110 and will be available for purchase starting May 15.

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