Cannons LC trade Brent Adams to Atlas LC

The Brent Adams reunion with the Cannons was short lived, as Coach Sean Quirk traded the veteran midfielder to Atlas LC in exchange for a fourth round pick in the 2022 PLL College Draft. The news was first reported by Ty Xanders and Inside Lacrosse on Monday night and became official on Tuesday morning.

The deal marked the first player acquisition that Ben Rubeor has made via a trade this offseason, after trading Paul Rabil to the Cannons and Ryan Brown to the Waterdogs.

Brent Adams, who spent the past two seasons with Redwoods LC, joins a midfield that features Romar Dennis, John Crawley, Joel Tinney and the equally versatile Bryan Costabile. Adams ranked in the top 25 in goals during the 2019 regular season before an underwhelming 2020 PLL Championship Series where he was asked to play attack on a Redwoods offense that was missing Jules Heningburg. The 30-year-old midfielder should be able to bounce back nicely if utilized as a two-way midfield threat like he was in 2019.

Now what the Cannons got in return for trading Adams was a major head scratcher. If someone offered me a fourth round pick for BA, I would have told them “no thanks” and sent them on their way. Yet, while a future fourth rounder feels like a really low return for Brent Adams, Sean Quirk essentially gained Adams for free via expansion and was able to turn him into a draft pick, while also freeing up a roster spot. Given that contract details like salary and length don’t play a factor in PLL trades, it’s important to realize that many trades appear lopsided because teams have to give up some leverage to get what they want.

If you’re Ben Rubeor, you don’t need Brent Adams badly enough to give up more than a future future fourth rounder since you could still add a younger starting midfielder of Adams’ caliber in the PLL College Draft. On the flip side, if the Cannons really want to add another player via the waiver wire and move Adams, exchanging him for a draft pick is value added, regardless of the draft pick’s round.

Until the league adds more teams and contract details play a part in trades, there are going to be more trades that feel lopsided. Yet, in reality the coaches making these deals view themselves as winners, regardless of what they give up. And the play on the field by the players traded or drafted ultimately dictates who the real winners and losers are in the end. After watching him left unprotected and then being traded for a fourth round pick, my money is on a motivated Brent Adams.

What are your thoughts on the Brent Adams trade? Do you think he’ll be a better fit on the Atlas or would you have preferred the Cannons keep him?

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