Capital Lacrosse Invitational News and Analysis

Capital Lacrosse Invitational

October 7, the Landon School in Bethesda, Maryland, and the Mario St. George Boiardi Foundation hosted its first charity lacrosse exhibition, the Capital Lacrosse Invitational. The Foundation was created in memory of George Boiardi, a former Landon student and lacrosse standout. The Foundation’s goal is to help spur efforts to grow athletics and education amongst middle school aged children. The Boiardi Foundation has furthered its goals by sponsoring summer camp programs aimed at sending deserving students to educational and athletic camps. The Fall-Ball tournament at Landon was their latest achievement. The tournament included some of the most competitive programs in the country, including UNC, Johns Hopkins, Cornell, and Penn State.

Capital Lacrosse Invitational

The success of the tournament was evident in many aspects. It was successful for coaches because they were able to play their full roster, a rare sight in Division I lacrosse. UNC head coach Joe Breschi said “The positives are that we got to play everyone. Young guys gaining experience is good. We ran four midfield lines and gained experience” he said. Breschi said “The Foundation is a wonderful cause, a great chance to give back to a special event. I appreciate the chance to raise money for the foundation” he said.
The amount of lacrosse fans, friends, and family that were present to show their support, despite rainy conditions, is another sign that the Capital Lacrosse Invitational was a success. Members of the Boiardi Foundation took time to thank contributors for their support. The Landon stadium was filled with people who wanted to see good college lacrosse and friends who supported the cause.

Capital Lacrosse Invitational

Fall-Ball Lacrosse allows for a unique opportunity for both players and coaches. New players get a chance to push for playing time in the spring, while coaches get an opportunity to evaluate their depth and talent. The tournament began in the morning at 10:30am. Johns Hopkins faced off against Penn State, and Cornell faced UNC.

The games were action packed and provided excitement and entertainment. The fluidity of the spring season was evidently lacking, as simple passes were sometimes missed from all four teams throughout the day, but the aggression and effort never seemed to wane.

Capital Lacrosse Invitational

The day ended with a spectacle, as fans witnessed fifty-two players competing to represent the USA in the World Championship Games in 2014. The USA team held a scrimmage in which top talents from around the country displayed their skills. It was a good end to a successful day.

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