Gear Spotlight

Maverik National Recruiting Spotlight Takes Place Next Week

By Lacrosse Playground | July 7, 2009 |

Maverik Lacrosse’s “National Recruiting Spotlight” event for rising sophomores and juniors in high school will take place next week at … Read more

Another look at the Optimus Brine limited edition gear

By Lacrosse Playground | July 5, 2009 |
With Transformers one of the hottest movies at the box office, we thought we’d take another look at the Optimus Brine limited edition lacrosse gear.

Photos from the Under Armour All-America Lacrosse Classic

By Lacrosse Playground | July 2, 2009 |
In addition to great action on the field, there was tons of gear to look at last weekend at the Under Armour All-America Lacrosse Classic. Check out some photos of the event.

A preview of 1 Lacrosse's new head

By Lacrosse Playground | June 27, 2009 |
It's not too often lacrosse fans can get a sneak peek of new equipment before it even goes to production, but 1 Lacrosse President Brian DeSpain gave Lacrosse Playground readers a preview of the prototype of their new head, set to be released this fall.

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Old School: Brine's King II Special Edition Gloves – Hardwood Throwbacks

By Lacrosse Playground | June 26, 2009 |
The NBA Playoffs didn’t give us the Celtics vs. Lakers this year, but you can still re-live old-school rivalries with the Lakers or Celtics gloves in a new limited edition line from Brine. The Hardwood Throwback gloves are a limited edition King II line with a couple of premium features.

Brine Gospel Head: Early release and limited edition

By Lacrosse Playground | June 26, 2009 |
Brine’s Gospel head is slated for release this fall, but because of demand Brine is pushing an early release of the head. In fact, it shipped to many retailers this week. (More pics in the post)
Brine Gospel White Lacrosse Head

Limited Edition: Brine South Beach Swizzbeat Handle and King II Gloves

By Lacrosse Playground | June 26, 2009 |
Slip on some white linen pants and some loafers (no socks, of course), because Brine’s South Beach line might just make dressing like Don Johnson popular again. The limited edition line inspired by Miami Vice features the King II gloves and Swizzbeat handle decked out in bright neon blue and pink highlights.
South Beach Brine King II Glove

Kenny Nims signs with Brine

By Lacrosse Playground | June 26, 2009 |

Brine announced today that the lacrosse equipment manufacturer has signed the 2009 NCAA Championship Most Outstanding Player, Kenny Nims, to … Read more

Photos of Maverik's new stick and head

By Lacrosse Playground | June 23, 2009 |
Check out photos of Maverik's new products, including the Bazooka and the Vision. More photos in the post.

Maverik releases new stick and head: The Bazooka and the Vision

By Lacrosse Playground | June 23, 2009 |
Maverik lacrosse is releasing a new lacrosse head called the Vision and a new beginner stick called the Bazooka. Below is text from the press release Maverik sent out about the product.

1Lacrosse's Clover Shaft

By Lacrosse Playground | June 17, 2009 |
Check out more new product from 1 Lacrosse. They will introduce the Clover Shaft mid-summer.
1 Lacrosse Clover Shaft

1 Lacrosse to produce Under Armour All-America shafts

By Lacrosse Playground | June 16, 2009 |
1 Lacrosse will produce the shafts used by the senior boys in the Under Armour All-America Lacrosse Classic. Get a sneak peek of the shafts.
Under Armour Lacrosse Shaft