Gear Spotlight

Scenes from the MadLax Face-Off Competition

By Lacrosse Playground | June 14, 2009 |

MadLax, a lacrosse retail store with four locations in the Washington D.C. area, held a Face-Off Competition for incoming high … Read more

Boston Cannons defenseman Ray Megill talks about his equipment

By Lacrosse Playground | June 12, 2009 |
Ray Megill, defenseman for the Boston Cannons and founder of Performance Lacrosse Training, sat down with Lacrosse Playground to talk about the equipment he uses when playing.
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Warrior sues law firm over patent lapse

By Lacrosse Playground | June 11, 2009 |
The National Law journal has an article about a lawsuit brought by Warrior against lawyers it claimed failed to pay an administrative fee for Warrior and, in turn, a patent lapsed, costing the company millions of dollars.

STX releases sample K18 gloves

By Lacrosse Playground | June 4, 2009 |

STX, which has been releasing information about its products on its Facebook page, today released a preview of the K18 … Read more

Brine's new Relentless 27 line

By Lacrosse Playground | June 3, 2009 |
Brine has partnered up with the HEADstrong Foundation to release the “Relentless 27” line of products in support of blood cancer research and awareness. See the full line inside the post. King II Headstrong Lacrosse Glove

STX out with new K18 Commercial

By Lacrosse Playground | May 26, 2009 |

STX is hyping up the new K18 line with a new commercial featuring Kyle Harrison and some older clips of … Read more

Brine Thriller Shoulder Pads

By Lacrosse Playground | May 24, 2009 |
We showed you the Thriller gloves already, but check out more on Brine's Thriller shoulder pads inside the post. Brine Thriller Shoulder Pads

More new Brine gear

By Lacrosse Playground | May 24, 2009 |
We'll be uploading a lot more photos later, but for now check out our photo gallery of all the new gear from Brine (more pictures in the post).
Brine Mahogany Lacrosse Shaft

Check out the Brine Vengeance

By Lacrosse Playground | May 24, 2009 |
More product from Foxboro. Here are some shots of the Brine Vengeance. More pictures inside the post.

Brine Vengeance Gloves

Brine's Thriller Glove

By Lacrosse Playground | May 24, 2009 |
Brine had gear on display this weekend at the Final Four. Lacrosse Playground was there to give you a look. See more pictures inside the blog.

Brine Thriller Lacrosse Gloves

New Look: The Brine Edge

By Lacrosse Playground | May 23, 2009 |
Brine had the new Edge on display at the final four. The head that made offset cool has been re-released to meet 2010 specs ... See more pictures inside the post. Brine Edge Lacrosse Head

Seibald's First Lacrosse Stick

By Lacrosse Playground | May 22, 2009 |


It’s always interesting to see what sticks lacrosse players started out with. Sports Illustrated has an article about Cornell’s … Read more