Smathers & Branson: Lacrosse Style in Belt Form

By Lacrosse Playground | August 17, 2009 |
Smathers & Branson, a company that started in order to make high-quality needlepoint belts, has several lacrosse-themed designs. Lacrosse Playground spoke with Austin Branson, a former lacrosse player (at Bowdoin College) and president of Smathers & Branson, about the business and lacrosse influences.


Competition for Team Hobbit?

By Lacrosse Playground | August 14, 2009 |
Earlier we showed you the uniforms for The Hobbit lacrosse team at the Ocean City Lacrosse Classic. In the search for a team to compete with them for best/most outlandish uniform, Baltimore Elite lacrosse may be a good challenger. Their uniform features elements of the Maryland flag draped on the jersey and shorts. Check out the photos (more after the jump) and vote on your favorite uni.


Lacrosse Playground's Summer Ball Threads

By Lacrosse Playground | August 12, 2009 |
Summer ball is all about having fun. And many teams try to express themselves through colorful or outrageous uniforms. Team Lacrosse Playground was no exception. Check out these photos of LPG's digital camo summer unis. (More after the jump)


Camouflage Dye Job from Max McCool

By Lacrosse Playground | August 8, 2009 |
Max McCool is Lacrosse Playground’s resident stick stringing and head dyeing expert. This week he shows off a recent black and grey camouflage dye job. Max provided Lacrosse Playground readers with step-by-step instructions so you can do it at home.

College Lacrosse 2010 Video Game Gives Fans First Glimpse of Graphics

By Lacrosse Playground | August 7, 2009 |
The makers of the College Lacrosse 2010 video game for X-Box Live have given lacrosse fans a first look at graphics for the game by posting them on their Facebook page. You can see all eight screen shots they've released so far on their Facebook page:

Middlebury Grads Reflect on the Passing of a Legend

By Lacrosse Playground | August 6, 2009 |
MIDDLEBURY, Vt. – Beloved lacrosse manager and longtime Middlebury College friend, Myron G. "Peter" Kohn passed away on Aug. 5 at University of Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia, Pa. The lacrosse legend was unable to recover from a heart attack he suffered on a fishing trip near his home in Cape May, N.J., on Aug. 1.

Turf Dawg teams up with Paul Rabil

By Lacrosse Playground | August 5, 2009 |
Turf Dawg is teaming up with Paul Rabil to benefit the National Cued Speech Association. If you purchase limited edition Rabil's Army Turf Dawgs, 50 percent of the proceeds go to benefit the NCSA. You can purchase the product (pictured below) at

Rabils Army Turf Dawg

Matt Danowski's Dye Job: A Tribute to Long Island

By Lacrosse Playground | August 4, 2009 |
Long Island native Matt Danowski represents his home turf with a custom dye job. Kenny Nims gives Lacrosse Playground viewers a locker room look at Danowski's head from the MLL All-Star Game. (Note: To view this video you must be a member of Lacrosse Playground. Signing up is easy and takes only seconds. You can sign up at:

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Long Island Lizards Footage From Today Show

By Lacrosse Playground | August 4, 2009 |
Per many of your requests, here is the video from earlier this morning. Enjoy!

Nicky Polanco on Today Show

By Lacrosse Playground | August 4, 2009 |
Just a reminder to check out the Today Show on NBC at the 8 a.m. hour when Long Island Lizard Nicky Polanco and teammates will be on the show. That gives us an excuse to post a Nicky Polanco highlight video, right?

Long Island Lizards Invade Today Show

By Lacrosse Playground | August 3, 2009 |

Make sure to catch NBC tomorrow morning at 8am. The two time Major League Lacrosse champions, Long Island Lizards, will … Read more

The lacrosse player’s toolkit: What every laxer must have

By Lacrosse Playground | July 26, 2009 |
You never know what can happen in the middle of the game. And in case you don’t have your back-up stick with you, Lacrosse Playground has pulled together a list of things every lacrosse player should carry with them at all times.